Friday, September 08, 2017

Another Sewing Plan, Blah, Blah, Blah

Last September, I submitted a wardrobe plan for Fall 2016 to Winter 2017. One of my "rules" was that to complete it I would not buy any new fabric (linings not included) and I did a great job. However, the real goal was the production of more finished garments without any additions to my stash.

Referring back to this post , you can see that I had a brown skirt in the plan but removed it when I decided against using the ponte I already had. I eventually added another pattern, Butterick 6464, for which that fabric was more suitable. So even though it wasn't on the published image (but now added above) it fulfilled my criteria of no new fabric.

However, that changed in spring 2017 when it came time to complete two dresses for my niece's June wedding that did require buying new fabric. Since these were 1) not on that plan and 2) the plan stated its end as Winter 2017, I was technically in the clear.

The completion of the first dress, the Vogue 2745 slip, left me with enough fabric to make something else. I chose to make the halter top from Butterick 6464 and knowing that the colors in that print perfectly matched some lovely red and purple bengaline on sale at Jo-Ann, I added a purple pencil skirt to my plan. Uh oh.

When I bought the yard of purple I also picked up some black bengaline and changed out the Style Arc Barb pants from the old plan for another pair of Vogue 9745 (the originals still fit but I'm opening up the side seams a tiny bit) and going up a size. I justify this last purchase because the pants will work as a suit with the already scheduled Morris jacket. Last but not least, I added a new pattern, that great top from Butterick 6424, which will be made from an off-white ponte already in my stash.

So, I did buy new fabric but it will allow this updated plan to function as a SWAP*: one jacket; two tops; two skirts, which can work with either top; and six pants that will work with one or both of the tops. Note how professional most of it looks. I feel good about this.

Best of all, the above SWAP combined with the completed pieces below will form a comprehensive work wardrobe.

P.S. I swear I am going to post about the green silk dress. I just can't seem to finalize that post.

*SWAP = sewing with a plan


Kathleen Meadows said...

I made V1411 and I have to say it was my favourite pants pattern EVER. I've made 2 pairs so far and love them both. One pair I made out of gray french terry with light blue waving topstitching. LOVE them :)

Linda T said...

Good for you!