Thursday, January 18, 2018

What's Up...

I think it's about time for an update:

  • I have a new job! I'm finally back in the museum field after a three-year absence. It's part-time right now and has the potential to become a full-time position as I help my department grow. I volunteered there for a month and was then eagerly asked to apply for the position. I can't tell you how much that confidence boost was needed.
  • I was having a hard time finishing sewing projects. I finished two projects that I expected to be super simple and thought I would be making multiples of both. But no, they were both problematic and nearly became UFOs. They're finally done but unfortunately they were summer items and well...
  • This attitude negatively affected a pattern testing opportunity I really wanted to participate in. There was no motivation, supplies were ordered late, the eventual recipient of the garment couldn't take accurate measurements, and wouldn't be around for fittings. Feedback was due in a particularly generous time period and I am just now really working on it. I will still submit feedback and pictures
  • Pictures are a tiny bit easier because I bought an inexpensive ($30) tripod with a remote from a Lidl grocery store, of all places!

  • I mentioned this on Instagram but I finally ordered my garment labels from Dutch Label Shop. My indecision was the worst of me and delayed that purchase for weeks and I still haven't sewn one in yet!
  • FYI: I found a source for fold-over elastic (FOE) at Elastic By The Yard. It's available in one, five, and one hundred yard lengths, the last two come wound on spools. Very affordable, quick shipping, and comes in multiple colors and patterns.
  • Ok, this one is strange and I would love some feedback on it. Last year, I sought out a gynecologist practice after a recurring problem came back. I had an exam and a ultrasound. Note that these tests were done at another practice in Richmond years ago for the same issue with the same result. Again, nothing abnormal was found but in two subsequent phone calls I received I was told that the doctor recommended two more exploratory procedures, a sonohysterogram and an endometrial biopsy, both of which I declined. There was no additional communication from them on the necessity of my doing them, just those scheduling calls. A few months later, I was sent a letter that effectively "fired" me from their practice and all the other practices associated with them! The reasoning was that I had "failed to participate in my medical care." Well, I feel I definitely participated when I made my choice not to have the tests, right? What do you think?

Well, back to sewing up some warm winter wear, and yes, there is some Jo-Ann-purchased fleece in there!


Audrey said...

I was so thrilled to read you have a job in the museum field again. I remember how much you enjoyed your previous museum job. Yeah! I hope it becomes full time. I have yet to visit a Lidl grocery store though we have two in Richmond now. I have heard good things about them. Being fired from a medical practice. Wow! Never heard of that before, but I don't think I would want to be associated with a practice like that. The patient always has the final choice.

Summer Flies said...

Congratulations on getting your job! That's great news! We don't have Lidl here (yet) but Aldi is the same (someone told me it was two German brothers that were in the grocery business, that fell out and each went their own way. I don't really get the US medical system. We have private here too, but optional and free medical care is available - I'm a bit of a socialist - free medical for all! Find someone who wants you. It's supposed to be about you!

Lois said...

Just recently I had a similar situation. After a procedure, the pathology report available to me via the patient portal said benign. The doctor did not call to discuss the results, but scheduling called to schedule me for a follow up procedure. I declined to schedule this new procedure at that time, but I did call the doctor's office and ask for him to call me about the results of the first procedure. He did call (of course while I was driving so I wasn't able to focus as much as I would have liked) but I did agree to the follow up procedure, and I scheduled a follow up appointment to discuss those results at the same time.

It would have been much more helpful if your doctor had called you to explain why these new procedures were recommended and what were the consequences of not doing them. Since the results of your initial tests gave no insight to an ongoing issue, and you have declined to participate in additional procedures to attempt to understand the issue, the doctor can do nothing further for you. Again, a call from the doctor would have been very helpful. Since you declined both recommended procedures and did not initiate any further discussion with your doctor, the practice is saying that you have 'failed to participate in your medical care.' The practice may now be anxious to get you off their patient list in the event you have an issue that could have been diagnosed at this time with one of these procedures.

It aggravates me that my doctor just thought I'd be agreeable to a follow up procedure without any explanation, and that I needed to initiate that discussion, and that it was at his convenience which happened to be while I was driving. But this is where we've gotten to with everybody involved in healthcare trying to cut costs. I don't know why you declined these tests, but I think you should have gotten back to the doctor about why you did not want to do them. Good luck in finding a new doctor who is better at follow up, and don't hesitate to make a pest of yourself in advocating for your care.

Clotelle said...

Congrats on the new job! Yay!. I've never heard of being fired by my gyno! That is strange!

Carolyn said...

I just read your post about being fired from a medical practice and that is nuts. I work as a nurse practitioner and I’ve only heard of people being let go from clinics for behavioral issues - never simply because they decline to follow the recommendation of the provider. Healthcare decisions should be made jointly and it should never be “my way or the highway.” Quite frankly it’s shameful how they’ve treated you and I’m sorry that you had to go through this.