Friday, March 22, 2019

Deep Sea Sweatshirt TNT Win!

Well, this time I won't be doing the pattern review format because I didn't use a commercial pattern for this at all!

Needing more warm clothes for work, I chose to finally take apart a favorite sweatshirt that had outlived its use as an actual out-of-house, seen-in-public item of clothing. I mean, seriously, it looked gross even when freshly washed! The off-white fleece had turned dishwasher beige, the texture had changed, and last but not least, some type of oil (probably coconut) had spilled all over the front leaving a disgusting permanent stain. But it was so warm and cosy!

Farewell, my love...

In the picture above, it had been freshly washed. When brand new, it had actually been the same color as that pattern cutting board. Yup. What could possibly do that to a fabric?

While procrastinating about another project (so what's new?) I pulled out my seam ripper and got to work. I laid out the pieces and traced them off on my lovely Pellon Easy Pattern paper and immediately cut out a new version.

So this is essentially a rub off of a 15+ year old L.L. Bean v-neck fleece sweatshirt. Amazingly, the size tag of this one is an XS but it fits exactly as I want it to fit now even though I must be at least 15 pounds heavier than when I bought it! However, having seen how much the fabric texture/color has changed, I wouldn't be surprised if it had also  stretched out strangely.

For my replacement fabric, I choose this 59" Anti-pill plush fleece (100% polyester) in Biscay Bay from Jo-ann, that I bought in 2017 after I was drawn to this amazing Mediterranean blue color*. I stitched it together with a matching thread, Gutermann 100% natural cotton thread in Dark Turquoise #7540.

Of course,  the fit turned out just like the original. However,  instead of the basic topstitching I used a zig-zag stitch at the neckline and on the hems for a fun touch.

Another difference is it didn't have that ribbon treatment at the back neckline (see L.L. Bean label pic) because I didn't have the patience to figure it out. Perhaps, on the next one? Anyone know of a tutorial on how to do that? Update: I just found out how to do it in the instructions for the FREE Stellan Tee by French Navy patterns.

Oh, and this particular anti-pill plush fleece feels amazing and has a great weight to it. I recommend it.

That was long before I chose that same color for one of my winter coats and then ordered two stretch crepes (one pattern, one solid) in that same shade!

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