Saturday, March 29, 2008

WT: Analyzing the tops

Sorry, I thought I published this last week!

This one is easy. I truly have no tops, that's why my sewing task list has four official ones, two new additions, and hopefully many versions of this pattern. Because it's quick, easy, and adaptable!

  1. Torture Devices. Garments that actively cause misery, due to poor fit, uncomfortable fabric, unflattering colors, difficult maintenance, or an inability to play nicely with other garments.
    This would be one gray sports top, where I almost dislocate my shoulder every time I try to wear it. I don't wear it frequently, but it is most definitely a torture device.
    Otherwise, none and I just saved myself from putting a new one in my wardrobe! My last remaining camel-colored sweater from Ann Taylor Loft is in this category only because it is short-sleeved and has a boat-neck. On its own, it is flattering but looks awkward under a jacket or cardigan.

  2. Velveteen Rabbits. Garments that you have loved to death.
    My black/grey/white striped Banana Republic cotton/Lycra top. Ten years old and it should go because it has a hole under my right rib, therefore I layer it under other things like the gray vest in #4.

  3. Superstars. Garments that make you look like the goddess you are.
    One red/black/white floral sleeveless boat-neck top I bought at a Forever 21-ish store in Nashville. I keep meaning to copy this top, it is very flattering.

  4. Stalwart Staples. Garments that you wear frequently; they aren't Superstars but they look pretty good on you and cooperate in playing supporting roles to Superstars.
    Black Lycra mock-turtleneck from Target. Need some in more cheerful colors. A gray vest I created by cutting a beloved Gap sweater that was accidentally shrunk and felted. Both are great
    layering pieces.

  5. Same Time, Next Year. Garments you rarely wear, but when you need them, you really need them.
    Button down shirts and white shirts in general. I have three linen shirts, all from New York & Company. One is brown and two of them are white and I rarely wear them because I stain them easily (too easily) with pen ink all the time. However, I can't wait to check out the Gap Design Edition white shirts on April 15.

  6. Sentimental Journeys. Garments that you don't -- and shouldn't -- wear, but that you keep for nostalgic reasons.
    All of the garments my mother or I made from Vogue designer patterns in the 1980s. I would wear some of them if they still fit.

  7. Mysteries of the Lost Shopping Trip. Garments that you're not sure why you own, or that you bought for some other phase of your life.
    One cherry pink Lycra t-shirt from Target and I don't buy pink. Two snug low-cut t-shirts from Forever 21; great colors but I should have known I'd feel uncomfortable wearing them to work.

    More accurate colors

  8. ??? The tops in the lower right corner, from Papaya and New York & Company, aren't really Superstars but they don't belong in the other categories either. They are attractive, fit well, and I have things to wear with them. But they just don't scream, "Wow!"
Wende, do we have a category for these?


drwende said...

They're Stalwart Staples.

Don't be misled by how boring my Stalwart Staples are. Dullness is not a requirement for the category -- it's just what happens in a relatively classic, quiet wardrobe. If your overall taste is livelier, than your Stalwart Staples are likely to be livelier, too. (It's also possible to make an outfit entirely out of Stalwart Staples.)

The minute I laid eyes on the first photo, I knew the flowered top would be a Superstar! That's proof right there (if we needed any) that your taste is just more dramatic than mine.

christina said...

I have some of each of these too!

scb said...

I absolutely love the flowered top. You have some great tops!

Lily Boot said...

I just had to add my cheers for Vogue Designer patterns made in the 1980s with your mum. Without doubt, the Perry Ellis dresses, shirts and shorts we made in linen in the 1980s are the clothes I still dream of and still get the patterns out and sigh over them. I would definitely still wear them if they fit! I have never loved fashion as much since then or felt as pretty! warm regards, lily