Friday, March 21, 2008

WT: Time to get some therapy for my wardrobe

This season I am going to participate in Wardrobe Therapy as opposed to Apartment Therapy. Since I am actively trying to sew most of my Spring/Summer wardrobe, working on a clothing-related project will be more conducive for success. Check out the outline of Wardrobe Therapy here, courtesy of Dr. Wende who adapted it from some components in Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan's Apartment Therapy Cure for the home.

  1. Who is your candidate for Best Dressed, real or fictional? Shirley MacLaine in Gambit and What A Way to Go! and Becktress on Flickr.
  2. What is your favorite garment or outfit ever? Two of them: bronze velvet 1930's inspired empire dress and Issey Miyake cocoon coat in brown wool, both made by me when I was 18.
  3. What is your current favorite garment? my black knit dress with gathered neckline, gathered empire waist, full skirt, and 3/4 length gathered sleeves, looks a bit like this one.
  4. What would be your favorite thing to wear, if reality were not an issue? A very 1950's suit consisting of a short fitted one-button jacket with bracelet-length sleeves over a full-skirted sleeveless dress complete with petticoat, high heel mary-janes, color coordinated gloves, and matching scarf to tie around the purse handle or around my hair.
  5. Where would you shop, if money, time, and geography were not issues? Impulse, le train bleu, Mela Purdie, Saltwater, Old House/Tin House (for pants), or Jovavich/Hawk's Fall 2007 collection.
  6. What's your favorite fashion faux pas story to tell, now that the scars have healed? The huge geometric and primary colored earrings I wore in high school, probably with a white men's cut blazer (Miami Vice), ankle socks, and white sneakers. Also had a pair of capri jeans and one purple sweatshirt that I cut up, so if I did wear them all together (so hope I didn't) then I was very early 80's, very much like the "cool" kids on Square Pegs, however no low-grazing, glittery headbands were ever on my head!
  7. What colors do you associate with happiness? Red, bright green, yellow, and orange.
How You Live
  1. If there were a uniform for where you spend most of your time, what would it be? (see below)

  2. If there were a uniform for where you spend your leisure, what would it be? Crisp linen/denim overalls with feminine blouse, basically Jillian's overalls look from Project Runway.
Your Wardrobe
  1. What is the problem with your wardrobe? More boring than classic, too many dark colors or black, not enough fun or interesting pieces
  2. If your wardrobe could speak, what would it say is the problem? The girl needs to start all over again.
  3. What would you like your wardrobe to do more of? Make me feel attractive and comfortable.
  4. What would you like people to say about how you dress? Classy, fun, always interesting (in a good way)
Photo Credit: Bravo.


zooza said...

I was hoping you were going to join in. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you've been making / will make. And thanks for sharing Becktress's flickr set - I've just looked through the whole slideshow. What style (but also what a lot of clothes)!

drwende said...

Oh my! I am totally looking forward to see what you do with this. (And of course, I've always loved your apartment.)

Ben said...

Hi there... I noticed above you mentioned that if money, time, and geography were not issues you would shop at Saltwater.

Well, Saltwater have just launched an online shop on there website - I'm not sure if they deliver to the US but you might want to check.