Friday, November 28, 2008

Guess what I'm doing again...

I actually did some sewing these last two weeks. Of course, again, not as much as I planned.

I have three pairs of pants (new ones from a year or so ago!) that haven't been worn because they needed to be hemmed. Hopefully, I will get this done soon. Pants and skirts I already have; tops and sweaters I need, so I had never made these alterations a priority since I didn't have enough stuff to wear on top.

So the two things I already started working on were tops. One was this shirt, which I had to totally re-fit and try something different with. I still need to redo the neck facing and hem the bottom at a different length. I really wish I had made a muslin before I started on this one. However, I am planning on making a muslin for the dress version because I would love to make a few of that type of sheath dress.

View D

The other top is this pattern, Simplicity 4077. I took a chance, measured the flat pattern, checked the pattern's listed wearing ease, and then cut out a smaller size than I normally would have. Hopefully I won't have the fitting nightmare I had with the other shirt above. Once I have pictures, I'll be sure to show you.

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Antoinette said...

Mmmmm.... Simplicity 4077 rocks my world! The silhouette is great and it fits me well. I hope yours works out perfectly, too!