Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thank You!

Thank you for the virtual hugs, I really appreciate the support.

Well, I sadly realized I wasn't in shock...I just wasn't surprised by the situation. The last two years have been bad in terms of forward momentum (none) and achieving goals (slow-going). Just as I think I'm almost done with school - BAMM! - two more classes.

Which really is more of a problem than it seems. I already knew I would have to take another loan to pay for the Spring semester but now I have to add the cost of three more classes to that amount. I also have learned that two classes at a time with a full-time job is extremely difficult and there's no way I could do three. My original plan was to do two in the Spring. My college has a summer semester where all the classes are at a set time 5 days a week in 4 to 5 week sessions. Hey, do other colleges do this? The only time I was able to participate in this system was when I was either unemployed or two years ago when an employer allowed me to cut my hours down to 35 per week. I think that is the only way I could even attempt to do this again. However, this time it would be all summer long in order to fit three classes and
I have a job which barely allows me to pay my bills each month as it is.

So that's my dilemma. I need to work to pay for them but I need less work to study for them or to even attend them. So, I'm polishing up the resume (alongside all the newly laid-off people in my town.) Woo hoo, this is going to be fun.

Can you sense how much I want this to be over?


puglyfeet said...

Lisa. This is probably the last thing you want to think about right now, but I thought you might like to know since I first heard about it from you. Learned of a Babs look-a-like from Barking Dog Shoes a few weeks ago and lo and behold, saw one used at Crossroads yesterday. It really does look like Babs minus the wedge! And, it's on sale at Online Shoes for $69. It's called Vina by Born.

lsaspacey said...

Thanks! Hey, even if I can't afford them now, I still want to know and I do love Borns. They are cute but something seems to be missing, they're not as "Audrey Hepburn" as the originals. But maybe they'll end up really cheap on 6pm.com further down the line?

The sum will come up one of these days; if not tomorrow, right?

puglyfeet said...

Babs were definitely CUTER with the wedge and all. Certainly, perhaps 6PM (I love 6PM) one day soon.

Virtual Hug,

drwende said...

Oh boy, should you EVER want it to be over!

But I'm so glad to see you back! I should have checked days ago.