Monday, April 27, 2009

My Buddy... My Sewing Machine

My Babylock BL2100 is over 15 years old. It is my first and only one. I remember buying another one, trying it for one day, and taking it back. I don't remember what it was, but I didn't like the way it worked. I bought the Babylock in 1993, years after I worked in a fabric store. Why didn't I buy when I had those discounts?

Though it might drive me crazy with tension issues and it's less than automatic one-step buttonhole (swoon!) deal it has treated me well. In my family we currently have my Babylock, a 10-yr old Singer, and a PFAFF Hobbymatic. I vaguely remember that my mom had a Kenmore (Sears) sewing machine and was just reminded that she also had a PFAFF from the 1960s, which was pretty recently sold. Our mother never officially gave us sewing lessons when we were young but we all can sew now. My sisters don't really make clothing but have done some very impressive draperies, bedding, and crib sets over the years. All the stuff that I don't do, so I guess we've got the sewing thing covered. Because we gravitated to it later in life after watching our mother sew all of our lives, I guess that still bodes well for my nieces and nephew. At least they know it's not some impossibly difficult thing that you can't possibly pick up.

I have two questions for you.

I was just wondering, if anyone knows of a sewing blogger out there who owns a Babylock, or am I the only one?

Also I know most of you have new (younger than 15) machines, but who out there is doing it old school? I don't mean with one older machine among your newer models, but who is working solely with a machine over 10 years old? Thanks!


Antoinette said...

My mom also sewed all through my childhood but didn't pass on her knowledge to me directly. I was 30 or 31 when I took my first sewing class and, clearly, I am hooked!

I don't remember a lot of the machines other bloggers use, though they are apt to mention brands from time to time. Seem to be reading lots about Berninas lately. A friend (not a blogger) has a Babylock serger that she loooooves.

My machine is a Kenmore, it was a gift, and it is 10 years old. It's my only. It is a great little machine, and the only thing that has made me think about getting a different machine is that the presser feet are proprietary. I can't use "universal presser feet" most of the time -- the alignment with the needle is just a little bit off, etc. So if I spend $100 on Kenmore feet that would make my life easier, I will feel like I need to get another Kenmore after this one has run its course so I can get the most of my presser foot investment. I don't want to feel locked in. I make do with the presser feet I have and figure in 5 years it will be time to get a new machine, and then I will have the $100 I've saved on presser feet toward a new machine! LOL

Cantara said...

I envy you for owning a Babylock. My dream machine!

melissa said...

I've got other machines, but my main machine is my vintage Joann Sonata machine, from 1980. It's a fantastic mechanical workhorse, with a metal body and no frills or ruffles (4-step buttonhole all the way, baby!), but I wouldn't trade it for the world. And I have had offers!

You should write up your machine for Zigzaggers, btw!

Shannie said...

My main machine is a Singer 500A from the 1960's. I had been using a newer EuroPro and I wanted something that I was positive could stand the test of time. I went to my sewing machine repair guy and told him what I need in a machine. He called me 2 days later and had two vintage Singers for me to check out. I bought the 500A for $120 and I'm totally in LOVE with it.
(my review of it over at PR)
I also have two much older Singers (66 & 115) which I use for delicate fabrics because they run through them like a dream!

Uta said...

I don't have a Babylock; actually, the brand name's Lloyd, something I always meant to Google, because I never heard of it except in my home! But the machine's well over 10 years old, and the only alternative machine I have is an ancient convertible table treadle machine! I don't feel as if I'd be a better or more productive sewer if I had a newer machine. If you're interested in my sewing/machine "history", I have a blog post on it:
BTW, I read and enjoy your blog, but haven't commented so far!

Kerry said...

My mom owns a Babylock, although she doesn't blog (but she is on Facebook!). This is her third machine. I think she had a Kenmore when I was growing up - it was ancient, green, and lived in it's own cabinet. Then she upgraded to something newer about 10 years ago, but I have no idea what. It may have been a Brother as that is what she recommended for me.

Krista said...

Hi! My website,, is the one Melissa mentioned -- I post reviews of machines that are at least a decade old (I do have a separate site for newer machines, but the vintage ones draw the most views).

I would love it if you'd review your Babylock on zigzaggers! Shoot me an email (address is at the site) and I'll send you the questionnaire. Take care!