Thursday, April 23, 2009

...and It's Right Near My Place

Discovered what looks like a bootleg thrift store on Broad Street a few days ago. No sign in the window and no hours posted. The note on the door says to contact the "ladies" next door at the Quirk gallery to let you in. So it seems kinda sketchy but...

Excuse the blurry through the window shot

it had two cool working dress forms in the window, a mini wire dress form-like sculpture, white lamp that looks like a mini dress mannequin with a full skirt (!), some really cool McCoy-like vases, a 1960's console, a low-slung 60's chair, and a few more sculptural lamps. I'll have to try to get down there during my lunch hour one day this week to take measurements on the white collapsible dress form and get a price on all that other stuff.

You know, like I could buy anything. Ha!

By the way, check out the cool window display in the Quirk Gallery next door where the "ladies" are:

Also see a bit of the architecture of the city reflected in the background.

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