Monday, April 20, 2009

This Weekend was Full and Fun!


Saturday (THE most beautiful Spring day):

  • Went down to Plan 9 for Record Store Day with a friend and scored 4 CD samplers, 3 full CDs, 1 Morissey sticker and 1 LP (remember those?) sampler of singles from various record labels. ALL FREE! And yes, I do have an adorable Crosley portable turntable to play that LP on!
  • Sat at an outside table and had a snack at a Thai restaurant. Mango & sticky rice...yum!!
  • Went to visit my friends and their three daughters. Watched some of Star Wars* with their middle girl, who was being introduced to the movie for the first time.
  • Hemmed one pair of those pants that have been waiting around for ever. This included also hemming the lining!

  • Attending the Spring Bada Bing craft show run by the Richmond Craft Mafia with two friends. Didn't buy anything but was bolstered by all the DIY goodness.
  • Suggested dropping by a fabric store and was amazingly heartily agreed upon by all. (Feeling very Dickens and Austen just right now)
  • First stopped to have lunch first at Kitchen 64. Yum! Will have the remainder of that meal for lunch today.
  • Purchased a long-awaited copy of Stitch magazine at Quilting Adventures.
  • Stopped by both Sally's Beauty Supply and Ellwood Thompson's natural foods store to purchase items for my new hair care regimen; it involves Amino Acids and Castor Oil!
  • Took a long nap.
  • Hemmed another item; this long-hated top, after many more revisions. Have to think about it a while before I can say if I like it now since It has been the most frustrating experience!
  • Watched another wonderful installment of Little Dorrit!
Whew, I feel like I need a vacation now!

*Never call Star Wars "The New Hope" to my face, it will always be Star Wars period, to me. Changing it's name gives the prequels far too much importance. (Boo to Jar Jar Binks & Co.!)


Edris said...

Sounds like life is good. I recently discovered your blog and enjoy it. I love those kind of weekends they balance out the ones that make you say Arggghhhh....

The Slapdash Sewist said...

That sounds like a fabulous weekend! I ended up at a record store on Saturday too; it was like stepping into the book High Fidelity.

Marcy said...

Plan 9--ahh. Reading your blog reminds me how much I LOVE Richmond; I'm only an hour away and need to get there more often.

PS--really interested in your new hair care regimen. I've had a short natural hair cut for a long time (too short probably) and now want to grow it out about an inch--Mom thinks it will make me look more feminine (Oh Mom!) but any-hoo--do tell your hair care strategy--especially how to keep it shiny and healthy.