Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"The Women," with the girls

I came up with this great idea of having a "The Women" evening. Inviting all my girl-friends over and watching the 1939 version of The Women; the 1956 musical version, The Opposite Sex; and/or the inferior 2008 version. Provide some brunch food for noshing, cool summer drinks, and cupcakes? What do you think, doesn't that sound like fun?

Oh, but wait, my TV set is only 13". I don't even have fun watching movies on it, so how can I expect other people to? So what do you think of me asking one of my "guests" to host it at their house? How tacky is that? Should I try to subtly get them to think it was all their idea?


drwende said...

A friend-friend will be most interested in having a successful party, so yeah, bring up the idea to a pal who has a much larger television. If she'll provide the TV and the seating, you'll provide the food and drink, plus take care of the logistics of inviting guests and tidying after them.

Antoinette said...

I know you want to host more guests at your home, so what about borrowing an LCD projector and using a blank wall as projection screen?