Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More from Totokaelo

This online store, Totokaelo does the best job at curating the garments they sell. There's so much inspiration there. Here are some pieces that caught my eye:

Hope Carrie blouse $226 (on sale!)

The folded pleat at top of shoulder extends the shoulder line and forms a little shelf. This would be easy to imitate, just take a tuck in the fabric, right?

This is a side-draped skirt but I like the idea of taking a longer than desired exaggerated pencil skirt (much fuller at the top than normal) and shirring the skirt up the center front and back. Similar to this one but not with as much volume on the sides. This would be easily done with an already existing skirt or dress in your closet.

SAMMA Study in Balance necklace

At work, I came across some Butterfly clamp paperclips that I might use to fashion a similar necklace.

Wood Wood Kirstine Dress, Yohji Yamamoto Raglan Sleeve Knit Jacket

I love the look of this simple pale check dress with the dark navy over-clothes. Can you imagine how yummy that would be in flannel? Or really, any easy shift dress in a wool-like but washable flannel like these Woolies Flannels. Oh, how I want to buy loads of those one day.


William Mandrake said...

Nice blog you have here.

ATG said...

Those Woolies Flannels are pretty.