Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hot enough for you?!!

The air conditioning unit in my apartment has been malfunctioning since last Friday. No AC at all during the weekend and minimal cooling since Monday. The building management has informed me that I need a completely new unit and has lent me a mobile AC unit for the time being. I swear this thing is the size of an old-school R2D2 unit. (I will insert pictures later)

However, whatever cooling air comes out the top of it is immediately overpowered by the pizza-oven-hot air coming out the vent in the back. So let's just say, I have been miserable in my apartment for days. My brain cells run away and hide, I have no energy, and I actually look forward to going to work every day because of the constant AC going on there. Now, that's sad, right?

That right vent is the devil!

Update: I realized I forgot to mention that I live on the third floor (heat rises) and my living room ceilings are 13 feet high (again heat rises) and that is a lot of space for one droid AC unit to cool.

So, basically, all the great plans I came up with last Friday during an all-day work meeting (my little written notes in the margins became brilliant ideas for the future) and the plans I had to sew (including an actual one-hour dress) have all been stalled. The only thing I can do when I go home is try to move as little as possible, turn off all the lights, eat Popsicles, and hover over the unit while avoiding the waves of heat from its' backside.

In addition, here's what I have to look forward to for the next week:

Thurs, Jun 24, PM T-Storms 103°

Fri, Jun 25, Mostly Sunny 96°

Sat, Jun 26, Isolated T-Storms 100°

Sun, Jun 27, Partly Cloudy 103°

Mon, Jun 28, Isolated T-Storms 96°

Tue, Jun 29, Isolated T-Storms 91°

Wed, Jun 30, Partly Cloudy 88°

Thu, Jul 01, Sunny 87°

Pray for me, please?


thefabledneedle (jen) said...

i miss the t-storms that i experienced while living in austin but i don't miss the heat - and humidity. i feel for you!

i also have an r2d2 mobile a/c. it's huge but i'm thankful it's there. (btw, isn't it supposed to blow the hot air out the window?)

lsaspacey said...

Yes, they finally set it up correctly today. It seems that didn't have the tubing before. It's made a big difference.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

My a/c blew a capacitor (the repair guy did not laugh at my Back to the Future joke) last year and I had no air for 2 days. I didn't turn on any lights and didn't move while home. It was pretty intense.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry. I totally feel for you---the four days or so our AC was out last May was terrible. Ugh. I hope it all gets fixed soon. Until then, you could always store your underwear in the freezer (a la Marilyn Monroe in the Seven Year Itch) or try what people in Texas (actually, I assume all over the south) did in the summer at night: dampen your sheets, freeze them, put them on right before you go to bed and fall asleep before it gets too hot. :D