Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What's Going On Now

I know I have been bombarding you with lots of long, photo-packed posts, but I hope you've been enjoying them because I have a few more to go.


  • There are new patterns in the shop (these are even cheaper!) and there will be additions every week. Please check them out.

  • I have a post almost ready on the unique cuff, collar, pocket, and other details once common in sewing patterns (1940-60s) that gave a garment an extra zing. Most of these details could be revived as additions to modern patterns already in your home.

  • In need of a new top, I finished this muslin for my Built By Wendy-Vogue pattern mash-up. I reinforced the basted seams and replaced the elastic. I know it's still muslin but no one who doesn't sew will know the difference. Maybe, one day when I have the facilities, I'll dye it.

  • I am finally working on the last item of my long overdue mini-wardrobe; the 1960's Butterick button-back top. Don't know what my procrastination problem was with it. Still up in the air about the bound buttonholes and looking at related tutorials.

  • Working on fixing the muslin for the yellow dress. I realize I never followed through on it's progress on the blog. Long story short, that sheet was the worst fabric for this dress and also for this top, but I still wear it. It's far too stiff, has NO give and I had not added enough width to the pattern's hip seams. Of course, the pattern did say Recommended For Knits...which I then ignored. Once I alter the pattern though this will look great in one of the new stretch bengalines that Jo-Anns has right now.

  • I am about to tackle the alterations I need to make in order to finally finish my Colette Pattern's Oolong dress. Following a suggestion to decrease the seam allowances in the hip area and therefore allow more ease, did in fact, eliminate a lot of the sway back lines in the yellow dress above so I am going to apply that knowledge to both the slip and fashion fabric layers of this dress. Also, it seems I need to decrease the seam allowances on the sleeves or bite the bullet and cut a sleeve with a larger arm opening. The sleeves seem a bit too tight now. Luckily I may have enough leftover fabric. I'm also tempting to substitute the sleeves from this dress, Simplicity 6034, which has a similar look but gives the sleeves some more interest. I have also seen drafting instructions for similar sleeves here on Vintage Sewing.info.

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