Friday, March 26, 2010

New Projects = Wardrobe Contest?

Okay, this past winter seemed to last so long that all this new warm weather is discombobulating. In my most recent wardrobe plan I still have a few cold weather garments to sew. I just hope there will be time left to get some wear out of them.

I know I said that I wasn't going to talk about my sewing projects until they were done, but since I've already made it halfway through this plan, I changed my mind.

It also happens that these four projects (two tops, one skirt, one dress) are being constructed at the same time as's most recent mini-wardrobe contest and they sort of fit the requirements in that one of the tops could be worn under the dress and make four outfits. So my goal* is to finish them before the deadline. Once done, I'll review them and see if I should go ahead and enter. Below are the patterns and fabric used for each item:

New Look 6838

Item: A short sleeve boat-neck t-shirt. I bought this pattern years ago to make the v-neck t-shirt. I am hoping to find a TNT basic top pattern and hopefully this will be it. Done

Fabric: Black medium-weight interlock knit that I found in my stash. I had just enough to make a short-sleeved version of the boat neck top.

Butterick 2564

Item: The short-sleeve top from a recent vintage purchase of mine. I love cut-on sleeve tops, so easy and elegant. I adore the matching pleats on the top and jacket so I hope to make the entire suit one day. Done.

Fabric: The same red cotton twill that I am using to make my Colette Patterns Oolong dress. The fabric feels wonderful and has great body and drape. It also takes to pressing well.

Vogue 7008

Item: A-line skirt. I did not make the skirt pictured above; however, that is exactly what it ended up looking like. (I also just love the striped skirt in the middle!) My skirt was actually made using the Wendy Mullin book, Sew U. I made the basic A-line skirt and it fit perfectly, even the curve of the back fit me, sway-back and all! Done.

Fabric: Some black 21-wale corduroy that I've had in my stash for I don't know how long. I happened to have two identical lengths that I think I purchased to make pants. The skirt was cut from only one of the lengths so I could still make a top or another skirt with the other piece.

Butterick 4948

Item: A cap-sleeved pullover jumper, to be worn without a belt. I love the smock-like shape of this dress and the handy pockets. Done.

Fabric: A gorgeous purple/blackberry 16-wale corduroy I bought at Jo-Anns. It is just light enough to make a flowing dress and the pattern image is made in corduroy. Yes, I know, no imagination. Well, I originally looked for the fabric in a red-orange too until this color and a fire-engine red showed up.

* I know, why do I do this to myself!


Debi said...

Love the Butterick suit! That will look fantastic....I also love boatneck tops!

spottedroo said...

Those all look really cute, wearable, and easy to sew. I say go for it!

Anonymous said...

I never would have picked up the smocked dress - I couldn't get past the dated pattern pic. But thinkin about it... it's a pretty great dress! I cannot wait to see what you do with it.

Love the 2 blouses too.

Antoinette said...

Good luck with it! Your plan sounds great.

Anonymous said...

I think your plan is plenty exciting! Good luck finishing in time! At least we'll have new clothes out of this, right, even if we're starting to flag?

Anonymous said...

The pleats on the suit are so cool!

ATG said...

You can do it!