Sunday, March 07, 2010

What slows me down...

So, my lack of sewing mojo is not just in my head. It's also in my sewing machine.

This past week I've been wanting to finish two projects; however, the tension on my machine has gone wonky again! I've taken out the bobbin and cleaned the housing out. It seems to function correctly alone. However, put fabric under the needle and BAM on the third stitch it gets stuck!

Because I wanted to make some progress, I went ahead and hand sewed in the zipper, thinking I would just machine-stitch it later. However, that will be a lot harder to do once both side seams are stitched. So, wish me luck that the next time I give it a try my Babylock has miraculously cured itself!


TE said...

Have you changed your needle? And, my non-sewing husband thought of this when I had similar problems: what about different fabric?

I had "bad" stitches on the stuff I wanted to sew, but it worked fine on other fabric. Then, suddenly, machine was ok on the fabric under construction.

Finally, unthread and rethread the machine. You could have some gremlin stuck in there! Best of luck.

TE said...

PS - I, too, sew with a Babylock - the "crafter's choice" model, even though it's nearly all garments for me.