Monday, March 08, 2010


I love corduroy. It is as simple as that.

I am totally crazy about all the cool colors that it comes in, I guess in part because a lot of children's clothing is made from it.

If I could, most of my winter wardrobe would be corduroy pants, jackets, and flannel-lined corduroy jumper dresses. The corduroy itself would come in both thin and wide wales, along with some no-wale cord, which closely resembles velvet. I love how corduroy is so warm in the winter, taking on your body heat, whereas jeans are cold to the touch immediately upon walking outside. In addition, corduroy feels so comfy and homey with its nubby, panelled texture.

I would, of course, then supplement my wardrobe with a few pants and dresses in velvet & wool, some dresses and shirts in flannel, and then some felted sweaters worn atop silk long-underwear tees.

red, brown

green, orange, yellow

purple & pumpkin

However, I would wear almost all of these colors and I plan to try.

Oh, and checkout this vintage gem I found when I searched for corduroy dresses...

(Image: Richard Rutledge, ca. 1951)

a pink corduroy halter dress. Oooh, lovely!

Images belong to: Small Earth Vintage, FleursDeLis, Angry Chicken, All Buttoned Up, academichic, the gleam of rose tea, doro k, and persephassa


Jen said...

I love cordory! I think it is the swish swish noise that sort of soothes me. I should be in the Cordory Appreciation Club.

Anonymous said...

I am so with you---I lived in nothing but corduroy pants this past winter. I think my love & appreciation of corduroy started when my mom dressed me in pink corduroy overalls when I Two? I've been hooked ever since. :D