Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fashion In Film: Can You Believe It?

I had another post planned for today but then the new Vogue Patterns came out...and I couldn't believe what I saw among them:

Vogue 1212 - a Donna Karan design*

Look familiar? Think hard.

Now go back, like 70 to 80 years, ok? How about 77 years?

An Orry-Kelly design from 1933's "Baby Face"

Ta Da!!

It's uncanny, right? The drapey dolman sleeves and that gathered back neck closure?! Donna Karan's version is updated in the draped, surplice peplum and the alteration of the back opening to be not as daring and exposed as the original.

So, do you think she's ever seen "Baby Face"?

*This top was seen in her 2009 Fall RTW collection where she also showed a few versions with a cold-shoulder (another image seen in the movie) but then Donna is old friends with the cold-shoulder top, she even got Hilary Clinton in one during the last millennium. However, the skirt in this pattern is actually from the current 2010 Pre-Fall collection!

Images: Vogue Pattern Company, Small Earth Vintage

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Julia said...

What a beautiful look, if you don't have to wear a bra and don't have a fat back, like me!