Friday, July 02, 2010

Update to the Heat Situation

I doubt anybody has been too worried about how I was making out in the heat, but I thought I'd put out an update anyway for archival purposes.

Here is the improved installation of the little DeLonghi Pinguino (Penguin, get it?) unit in the bedroom, complete with baby blue Tyvek paper over the two windows, a proper hose, and no further use of my personal bathroom towels. It's a bit weird living inside a room that glows blue in the daylight (see below) but it's better than the former 'sweating on top of my sheets before passing out' that was messing with my sleep a while ago.

Daytime with interior lights out*

The Danby Premiere

This is the better situation in the living room. Though there is no access to fresh air, at least here I can still open the curtains and raise the blinds to get some sun. However, in the bedroom, both sunlight and fresh air are out of the question until the replacement ceiling unit is installed.

And guess what? Since these two have been installed, Richmond has just had some of the best cool weather and beautiful, breezy nights.

* Does this remind anyone of the escape from the quarantined house scene in E.T?

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thefabledneedle (jen) said...

i'm glad you are surviving the heat! luckily i haven't had to bust out the portable yet (knock wood!) as it's been unusually cool.