Thursday, July 15, 2010

In the Details: So Sew Simple Blouses

Do you ever wish for a pattern that you can just whip up in an evening that will still look good and add interest to a simple pencil skirt or jeans? Check out these, not only are the patterns simple to create but they seem like they would be quick to make up too. Yup, my kind of sewing!

Simplicity 4538

What looks like the simplest top to be made. I must try to create this without succumbing to buying this pattern, right? I think I've worked up the correct dimensions of the one pattern piece, 48" x 24"?

Simplicity 4434

Another incredibly simple top that should not require a store bought pattern. This should be a simple little drafting exercise as it is basically a rectangle with side darts and a neckline created with a French curve. However, the detail I like the most is the folded tab that is used both as a breast medallion and at the throat as sort of a fabric brooch. I especially like how it seems to be folded over the green ribbon trim and is monogrammed.

Simplicity 3129

This one is very simple to the one above, though the view at upper right offers a lot more interest. A split neckline, contrast yoke, top stitching and false pocket flaps. This one is currently available at Catnip Hill for $10.

I began to believe that these types of tops could be easily drafted after I found this top and drafting instructions here on the Sewing Vintage blog from the Spool Cotton Co. I think this can help in drafting the tabbed top above and it is almost identical to the Pictorial Review pattern below.

Pictorial Review 8572

Note how the scarf is an integral part of the design, wrapping around the neck and coming through the ready made opening as the base of the throat.

And now, I've found this one.

McCall's 4632

Surprise! It's not really vintage, it's only from 1989, but I think it has a lot in common with these tops. This one is actually available in my Etsy shop for $2, but I copied the shape of the pattern pieces and the instructions for my own use one day. Simple button loop closure in the back. Again, basically a rectangle like the first design but the shoulder gathers add some pizazz.

Images: Vintage Patterns Wiki, What-I-Found patterns, Catnip Hill, Spool Cotton Co., Vintage Fashion Library


Petite Main said...

There's a pattern very similar to Simplicity 4538 here:

lsaspacey said...

Petite Main,

THANK YOU!!! that is so like the pattern. Hopefully I can make up a version of it soon.

Marilyn said...

Just found this! Thanks for the shout-out to my blog and my Etsy store!