Thursday, August 05, 2010

ETSY: Bringing Out My Big Guns...

I love wardrobe patterns, so many possibilities and so much more bang for your buck! I've been saving these lovelies up until closer to fall wardrobe planning season. Here's a sneak peak of what I have in the store:

Vogue 2151

This is a great summer suit wardrobe, I really should have put this one up earlier, right? The truth is I was really thinking of keeping this for myself until I realized I had a very similar pattern for the dress which I could just shorten to make the top. So, my loss is now your gain!

Vogue 1546

Another Tamotsu pattern. What I've found about this designer's Vogue patterns is that most of the wardrobes were so classic that they can still be worn some 10 to 20 years later. Also do you notice how this jacket with pants remind one of a Georgio Armani-designed suit? Just omit the shoulder pads.

Vogue 2010

Here's another one I was tempted to keep before I faced the fact I had similar dress and pant patterns. The truth is what I really loved about this wardrobe was the color scheme! Yum!

Vogue 2076

I have always loved this jacket; the color and the cut, and if I believed I would ever make it this one would be a keeper too. I love the darts at the neck and the slightly raised crew neckline.

These Vogue wardrobe patterns and five other lovelies like them are now in my Etsy shop. Uncut and only $5 each. Check around the web and you will see that almost everyone is charging far more for these same patterns. So give my shop a look, you might find something you love.


P.S There's also a lovely Audrey Hepburn poster from 1957's Funny Face available too!

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Anonymous said...

I love wardrobe patterns too! I always overlook them, though, if I'm seeking a specific garment shape...