Monday, August 09, 2010

Who Is Tara Lynn?

Okay, okay, tell me if I'm wrong, but have any of you been seeing stories online about model Tara Lynn?

Because I haven't.

In the August issue of Glamour magazine, I was flipping the pages when my eyes were arrested by a gorgeous woman with fabulous hair and curves. Her name was Tara Lynn and her job title was listed as model. Well, then why haven't I seen her before? Like, a lot, and like, everywhere?

Well, I looked her up on the Internet and low and behold she is out there. I mean, French Elle just did a gorgeous 20-page(!) editorial spread in April with her modeling bathing suits, cocktail dresses, and jeans. I read a lot of blogs about fashion and clothes and surprisingly while I have read about Crystal Renn almost everywhere, I have seen nothing about Tara Lynn? In fact, that Crystal Renn spread from V magazine's size issue that everyone was posting about? Tara Lynn was in that issue too but no one gave her a name.

I do like Crystal Renn, but she's the modeling industry's go-to "plus-size" model even though she's barely considered that according to the non-model U.S. female population. Now, Tara Lynn, while being just as gorgeous is more obviously fuller-figured. If they started using her more, they could shut a lot of these protests down and start to show that they actually believe women are beautiful in all sizes. I mean, this woman is stunning! See for yourself:

So, I'm throwing down the gauntlet...why don't we all try to find some plus-size models we admire and envy and get their names out there. Up first, Tara Lynn.

If we build it (hype) they (advertisers, editors) will come.

Images: Glamour (Aug 2010), photographer Leo Lam, French Elle, (April 2010)


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I love that folks are finally admitting that big girls are sexy. It's about time!

Beyonce is young and smaller than she could be, but by no way is she small. She got legs! And I appreciate that she has brought that back for us.

Denise said...

She is gorgeous. I am glad she is being used. Now, could we get her on a runway? And could we get some models that are bigger and over 30, please?

Rachel said...

She's gorgeous! And she looks particularly stunning in the black swimsuit.

Anonymous said...

I've known it from birth. She has always been gorgeous and she has always been healthy! You WILL see her everywhere, as I do every day!

ATG said...

Love her! She is gaw-geous!
I never heard of her before now and that's a shame. We do need more realistically sized women being represented in fashion.