Friday, August 13, 2010

Thank you...and See You Soon

Thanks everybody for the beautiful words about my Good 'N Plenty dress! I was so overwhelmed and touched by how many of you decided to comment to let me know you liked it. Lately, I wondered if anyone was even reading this site. I definitely suggest you all make yourselves one as it really was easy, even though I dragged my feet on mine.

I am finishing up one last wardrobe item and then I'm clearing up my sewing/craft area for a while. I don't like how sewing has become just another thing on my seemingly endless to-do list instead of being something I can't wait to get home to do. So, I'm taking a break. I'll also be taking a break from this blog and from SHELTERhome. I need to devote myself to another higher priority task which involves making more money so that I can pay some bills. I think I was using sewing, blogging, and reading blogs as an excuse sometimes. A very flimsy excuse, at that.

So, I have one last post here (maybe next week) and there is a doozy of a post that I just put up here. If you like the mid-century set decor of Mad Men, how about looking at my break-down of the one set that has not received any Internet love until now...I present to you the very feminine and put together home of young married couple Joan and Greg Harris. How no one else has written about this little jewel box of an apartment beats me. I hope you will enjoy the time and research that I put into it.

By the way, it is my third breakdown of a female TV characters' home, check out my other posts on Mary Richards and Monica Geller-Bing.

Take care, and I hope you'll be around in a month or so for my return because I have some great projects planned on the horizon.
Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

I'm one of those blog readers who always reads but hardly ever comments.

Blogging and sewing should be for pleasure not a chore so I totally understand your reasons. See you when you get back!

Noile said...

Happy break, Lisa, and enjoy your "journey"!

Audrey said...

I hope you can get those bills paid and get back to sewing and blogging soon. You mentioned a possible job at one of the local fabric stores a few posts back so I was keeping a watch out for you on my trips there in hopes of meeting you in person.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Enjoy your time off!

Rita said...

Enjoy your break! and looking forward to your return when you deem the time is right.