Friday, April 22, 2011

The Color Side of Necklaces

The other side of the coin is one also needs to bring color into the wardrobe in other ways. Why not try a colorful necklace? Perhaps something fun and whimsical?

Though these necklaces are metallic, the color of these Shabd fabric prints at Totokaelo lighten the mood and celebrate the great weather coming to us here on the East Coast of the U.S. You won't find fabric like that at Jo-Anns though. So a colorful piece around your neck may be the best way to go.

Similar ones to these are priced as $40 and $100.

First up, are these gorgeous wooden enameled bead necklaces. Unfortunately, these two specific Kristina Klarin necklaces are no longer available but I love her style (check out her personal blog here). They set me off on another journey looking for something similar and that is how I found the necklace below offered by The Vamoose.

Serpentine bead & metal necklace, $51.27 USD

However, these types of designs could be easy to duplicate, especially if using cord instead of chain, you just need to purchase some wooden balls, some cool tester pots of paint, some silk cord and use this tutorial provided by Jenny Gordy at Wikstenmade.

Another why to bring in color is to incorporate floral images such as these by new-to-me company, Ruche:
Charms of the Garden, $45, Rustic Romance, $40.

I think I've already found my colored necklace. It's only $40 dollars so I will probably get it as an "I survived another semester of college" gift in a few weeks after I actually survived. Here are some pics from the amazing site where I found it, Elk Accessories in Australia:

Fan necklaces, long and short, $30-40.


spottedroo said...

Have you looked at Ten Thousand Villages? They have some great colorful necklaces for very reasonable prices. I just got a green necklace there that I love and wear all the time?

Betty said...

I love some of the necklaces you've been featuring recently. I think you'd probably quite like some of the necklaces in my sister's new Etsy shop: