Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Statement Necklace

Note: I just received an AdSense check from Google and have a bit of profit in my Etsy shop, so I'm thinking of treating myself to something nice. Otherwise, I would not be looking at jewelry. Isn't that sad but it's just not a necessity.

Lodge, $98.

I suddenly had a desire to buy myself some jewelry, especially a statement necklace, much like the ones I admire all the time at Totokaelo, all metal but simple in style. Something that would make a simple T and shorts combo look "artist" cool.

This feeling all came after I saw some old posts on Simple Lovely showing the jewelry that the author Joslyn owns. She is almost always wearing some fabulous necklace to go with her very cool clothes. This time, the necklace was by Laura Lombardi via the Pretty Mommy site. Checking out her items available there, her namesake site, and her Etsy shop these are the ones I just can't stop thinking about:

Spiked Fringe, $70. A real possibility

Such a favorite, but oh...the price.

So an actual Lombardi is still a possibility because she does have some affordable pieces, but I still went searching the Internets for similar pieces and other artists who use these materials.

Here are two that I found:

I should snatch this last one up now, right? Before I regret it like I regret missing out on this gem?


The Slapdash Sewist said...

I really like the Spiked Fringe piece. I say, if it's in your budget go for one of the artisan ones rather than the BR. That way you won't see yourself coming and going (at least in DC *every* woman in my peer group shops exclusively at BR and Ann Taylor; so boring!).

ATG said...

I love the Lodge one. I think you should go for it! :o)