Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Next Dress

Okay, it's been quiet on the sewing front. I'm very disappointed because I had some lovely things in mind. I can't believe I haven't attempted to sew since that hiccup in February with the unfinished corduroy skirt (now scheduled for a fall completion). I also kept meaning to make my Simplicity 2560 cardigan out of a fuchsia knit I bought but the motivation is just not there.

Well, I now have a new pattern for a slim column of a spring dress and I was so expecting to find some colorful spring fabrics to make it. However, a trip to Hancock Fabrics, Jo-Anns, and even Hobby Lobby left me cold. There was a great turquoise from the new Lisette fabric line but I wanted a fabric that had more drape.

Guess what? I ended up with a wonderful fabric that totally goes against what I've been posting lately. I bought BLACK fabric!

Now, it is technically black and white but from a distance it will read black. A cotton, polyester, and Lycra mix, it has a very nice drapy hand. But when I picked it up I realized that the pattern and color would be great for job interviews and it might also look killer with my black and gray duster coat when it finally gets finished. In fact, this dress might motivate me to start on that!

So, wish me luck, I hope to have this done by the first week of May.

Yeah. I said it.


Suzy said...

Good luck! I'm sure you can do it!

I think it's normal to have stages where so many ideas are in your head but your mojo to do them is not the best. I have dream phases where I conjure fabulous outfits but then fail at taking it forward. Then suddenly I stop planning and start doing!

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing the fabrics. So pretty.