Friday, June 24, 2011

Vintage Sewing Machine For Sale!

UPDATE: This machine has been sold! Thanks, Linda.

A friend is trying to sell his late mother's beauty of a machine. It is an Italian Necchi BU made of cast iron and chrome. This particular model was manufactured between 1948 and 1953. The manual he has is dated 1951. Isn't it lovely?

We believe that all the parts and attachments are still there. His mother kept her sewing materials tidy. There were also some fabulous vintage patterns that he gifted to me and some will eventually show up in my Etsy store when I reopen. In the mean time here is a link to the Ruth Harvey Collection on Flickr.

The machine is currently housed in the beautiful sewing cabinet shown below. I know that you can separate these types of machines and still use them. I wish I had a good closeup of those Art Deco-like drawer handles.

* There is a great review at describing the machine and its functions.

* There is also a Vintage Necchi Yahoo Group here.

I wish I could keep it but I do not have the space and know I would never use it. I have two machines already.

The seller does not have a set price, but will accept the best offer. The machine is here near Richmond, Virginia. I sent out feelers to the local sewing bloggers I know and they were not able to take it. If you are near Virginia or willing to travel here, this might be the machine for you! Just comment on this post and I will contact you. Thanks!

Here's a picture of a similar machine without the cabinet.

Images: Top three are mine, last one from A Sewing Life blog

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mjb said...

I'd probably be interested, except I just got myself a vintage Pfaff!