Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No Sewing Here...

I’ve decided that maybe once a week I’ll write about non sewing-related things. This blog originally was for everything but has been sewing or fashion focused for quite awhile. So here’s some not-particularly-sewing-related stuff:
  • Sometimes I try to take a short nap after work, always less than an hour. Yesterday, I got in bed, turned on NPR, and set the alarm for 7:45 PM. Well, I awoke at 5:30 AM!  Yup, I slept all night! Well, I HAD planned to dye my hair or either work on the Moss skirt pattern or cut out my next dress project.

    However, since I didn’t have to be at work until 9AM…within the next 3 hours I successfully dyed my hair (perhaps a bit too dark), deep-conditioned it, did some web surfing, and laid out the pattern pieces for Simplicity 5190, view A. I did not start cutting because I don’t actually have enough fabric for the view I want and will have to get creative.
  • Somebody save me from Pinterest! I just noticed that I have 669 Pins, and 245 Likes. That’s a lot more than I meant to accumulate. With that many, if you can't keep track of them, how can you use them? Especially the free patterns and the recipes.

    So my question is, if you start to edit your boards and delete images, how does that effect the people who have linked to them from you? Do they suddenly disappear from their boards? I’d like to know because these pins are making me anxious. Anxious, like the way I get with too many unfinished sewing projects. Not good, not good.
  • I’m really loving The Mindy Project. Have you seen it? I’ve linked to that tracks down the female cast's outfits by episode.  However, I want to know about that brown lipstick Mindy wears. I think this is it but I will not spend $48 on a lipstick! Anyway, we need more minority led TV shows. By the way, also loving Scandal. Did you see that Oval Office love scene last week? Wow.


turtleandi said...

@2 I was wondering the same thing. I've pinned patterns that I wanted and as I get them I want to remove them from my board.
@3 I've gotten hooked on the Mindy Project too. I hope it lasts. I hate getting hooked on new shows only to have them last one season. Scandal is great too.

Kerry said...

Scandal! Okay, I believe I am rightfully confused by this show because the people I am supposed to admire (namely, Olivia Pope and the Prez) are rather dispicable/or unrealistic. This isn't about the adultery, but more along the lines that Shonda likes to tell me the Prez is brilliant, but I'm not buying it AT ALL. But I love Mellie. And the actor who plays Cyrus tears it up. And the Enormous Conspiracy with the Roundtable of Conspirators Who Hate Each Other thrills!

jen said...

I believe how it works is if someone liked a pin of yours and you delete it, it gets removed from her likes page. But if someone repinned your pin, and you delete it, it is still in the board she pinned it to.

lsaspacey said...

Kerry, I know what you mean. Shonda doesn't seem to like creating moral or ethical characters, everyone on her shows has a bad side. So, what does it say about me that my favorite character is the hired killer?

Oh and Cyrus, every week I find myself saying 'how come I don't already know this amazing actor'?