Sunday, December 09, 2012

VA/DC/MD Blogger Meetup - Part 2

Here are the goodies that I brought home from the meetup, along with a roll of 18" wide tracing paper.


1 2/3 yards red Lycra knit in a chain link fence print
30" brown wool plaid with 30" Bemberg lining - just enough to make a lined skirt!
3 yards blue, pale yellow, black, green, and cream polyester print
3 yards navy, brown, rust, white, blue, and red color-flecked wool tweed coating
2 yards blueish-green double knit
2 yards green, purple, orange, and khaki madras plaid


Simplicity 5289, Vogue 2747, Vogue 8652

  Vogue 8606, Vogue 2002, Vogue 1654

Vogue 2453, Vogue 1649, Vogue 1540

I love Vogue Designer patterns and I made out like a Bandit! Check it out: DKNY, Claire Shaeffer, Calvin Klein, Geoffrey Beene, Donna KaranMariot Chanet, and Claude Montana!

So, yeah, no fabric shopping or pattern sales for me any time soon.

Fabric images created with fd's Flickr Toys


Gail said...

You did make out like a bandit!

Kyle said...

Lots of good stuff there! Congrats!!