Saturday, December 01, 2012

My G Street Cheat Sheet UPDATED!

First off, today was a total blast! I just got home three hours ago and thought I would write something. However, I can't possibly write about everything now. So, I am starting with the jaunt to G Street first and the VA/DC/MD meetup/swap will be second. Mostly because I could just update this same post and the time at G Street is just easier to process at this time. In a few days, I think I will be up to writing about the first half of the day and perhaps even have some pictures to show you. Oh, yes, pictures were taken. Now, on with the recap...

Okay, this is what I am looking for at G Street Fabrics this weekend:

Foldover lingerie elastic in brown, white, pale blue, lavender, or orange:
  • Not a lot of variety available, I ended up with 5 yards of a white and black stripe ($.89 per), 3 yards of a pink, purple and white stripe ($.89 per), and one yard of lavender seersucker ($4.95) foldover elastic. None of the vibrant solid color ones that I wanted.
Lycra knit prints, especially stripes in all widths and color combinations:
  • I did receive one red/black/white print Lycra knit at the swap though!
Lingerie guards:
  • I will make my own before I buy them for $4.99 for just one set!
Get my fabric scissors and pinking shears sharpened for $15:
  • After getting scared because of a random comment about the quality, I only had the pinking shears done. I am very happy with the job, as they were exceedingly dull before.

Specific fabric and lengths to look at (and dream of):

Textured, multi-colored wool for a Simplicity 6529 short sleeve jacket:
  • Received a 100% wool tweed that may fit the bill at the swap!
Some yardage of black double knit or Ponte (one yard for a New Look 6977 skirt (view D) or two yards for the Vogue 8712 Marcy Tilton pants, view C):
  • Not quite, but did receive yards of a scrumptious dark green double knit at the swap. There's too much for just one skirt. However, I'm not sure if I really want green pants so instead, I might make Butterick 5672, or vintage Vogue 7164 (sleeved version of both) out of it.

I also want to check out (but not buy):

Swedish sewing tracing paper:
  • I can wait, I received a roll of tracing paper at the swap. It cannot be stitched on like the Swedish type, but it was free.
Stretch lace for lingerie:
  • They did not have a lot of variety. There were only four different wide ones and in none of the colors I like.
Lingerie elastic:
  • They had the same kind that Joann and Hancock carry.
Check out patterns from independent pattern companies in person:
  • No can do! They now only carry the Big Four. Can you believe that? That was what made them unique back in the day, along with carrying all the great sewing books, including imports.
G Street zippers:
  • They looked great but I had no specific zipper needs and already have a healthy stash of vintage ones from the Ruth Harvey collection.
One 5/8 to one inch blue button for my Grainline Moss skirt:
  • Still no luck. This skirt has been hard to coordinate with because of the color. Maybe, if I had looked at the buttons stored behind the counter; however, I didn't want to go to the trouble or the expense, only wanting to spend $5 or less.
If any of the fabric can be found on their $2.97 discount table, all the better!
  • The discount table was three levels high and at least 20 feet long; however, most of the fabric was in piles on the floor. You couldn't even get close to the actual tables without moving or walking on that fabric. By the way, plenty of people took that last option! Sigh.
Too bad I didn't see something I couldn't live without this trip because the G Street downloadable coupon combined with the current sale totaled 35% percent off! I made out so much better at the just wait and see! I will get around to photographing my haul for you to see at some point.

Thank you Audrey for driving and being a great travel buddy!

Thank you Robin for hosting a truly fabulous meetup/swap! Oh, the food! Check out her post on the event here.

More details forthcoming after I get some sleep and process all that went down.


Lisette M said...

It was great to meet you! Thank you for coming up with the meetup idea!

a little sewing said...

You did pretty well on your list, all things considered (the main one being that G Street has decreased its garment sewing focus, sadly. Their Home Dec selection is great, though. And quilting, of course)

It was such a treat to meet you and I am so grateful you organized the trip to G Street and we were able to combine it with a Sewists Meetup.