Friday, March 01, 2013

March 2013 Sewing Update

Isn't it cute?
It IS cute. However, I will no longer work by these cute little wardrobe layouts because they just stress me out. My first three completed projects this year were not on any of them.

I do want to finish all those past projects but I'm more excited to complete new ones as they occur to me. In fact, I do have my third project finished and you might see it this weekend, if the photos work out. Just like every other blogger, it seems there is no decent natural light in my home!

My next few projects are made from newer stash fabric; leftovers scraps from homemade holiday gifts, a Girl Charlee knit, and some wool from the VA/DC/MD blogger swap. I just feel more motivated getting these done now, as opposed to somewhere down my list, which usually means a year or more from now (see 4-year old Colette Oolong project). I do however, hope to sew up another (hopefully the last) Moss skirt muslin this weekend since it would coordinate with three of these "spontaneous" projects.

All I can say, is I will try and we will see.

Have a great weekend, and I hope you get some quality sewing in!


Gail said...

I love those little boards, but they would stress me out too! I have made myself a typed list though, and that is helping keep me on track. A little bit.

Hope you have a good sewing weekend!

Lynne Williams said...

Although I do love sewing with a plan...I am currently with you on this one. I want to sew, what I want to sew right now. A completely frivolous, sure to be barely used cocktail dress is currently on my agenda and it is soooo much fun:)

Let's just go for it!

Kyle said...

I never sew with a plan. It's not my style. I approve of sewing what you want, when you want. :)