Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Holidays to me...yeah, great

Luckily, my downstairs neighbors woke me up at 8:50 am to let me know what happened and that it was raining. I haven't figured out what happened yet, did a bicyclist hit me...what?

The actual damage to the car seems so small, not a scratch and hopefully, this small dent will not affect too much internal damage. I admit I haven't tried to open that door yet.

I didn't take a picture of the great plastic bag and masking tape shelter I made for the window-less window or the 6-lb can of green glass fragments I threw away. Sorry.

Update: Well, I've been trying to be cool about this, but it seems no one can give me an estimate today, Saturday. So I now have a car sitting outside with a plastic bag protecting it from the elements until the New Year. This means I have to check on it frequently and hope that it doesn't rain before Monday! I don't really want to go and do my errands either, not sure the bag can sustain 35 miles per hour.

Hey, I Love Upstate, we have something in common!

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Anonymous said...

Bah, what a way to end the year. Hope the mystery is soon solved - I'm already thinking of the karma in store for the responsible party - how could they not leave a note or something? Weird.