Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Am Going To Do This for '08

Excerpted from Wende's blog, The Sky is Bigger Here:

...Creativity Resolutions, which are no more than three things you intend to do for your personal growth during 2008.

The ground rules for Creativity Resolutions are:
  • These must be FUN ways to do something that helps you continue your growth as a lively, interesting person. You cannot vow to lose weight, quit smoking, or anything grim and guilt-inducing. If your plans for creativity happen to involve more exercise or keep your hands too busy to grab a cigarette, that's great... but the unpleasant bits of self-improvement cannot be the main goal.
  • Each resolution must come with measurable goals, whether in terms of what you get done or in terms of how often you do it.
  • Ideally, your resolutions involve projects you're willing to blog about, so that you are accountable to a fascinated and supportive audience.
  • You must stop at THREE. It's fine to make just one -- but lists of 10 are too big.
I'll post mine here tomorrow...

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