Friday, December 28, 2007

Holiday crafts 2007

This is the new scarf I made for winter. All of my winter coats are black or gray so I wanted some color near my face. I was going to make two more for my sisters; however, the tension on my sewing machine went wonky when I tried to sew the silky fabrics. Therefore, since they weren't done by Christmas, I gave them the choice* of receiving one-fabric scarves or ones in this patchwork style. They chose the one-fabric style; one in this black-on-red polka dot and the other with silver, white, and gray circles on a black ground.

Simple scarves in red and black.

Therefore, when I finish putting the patchwork ones together, I might sell them if anyone is interested and likes them as much as I do.

More scarf views.

I made stockings for my nieces and nephew out of this fabric combination, but I forgot to take a picture. They turned out really nice though.

I also have chenille scarves to make for the rest of the family. Again, I bought the fabric in time; however, I became stumped on the correct way to make them. I had totally forgotten about the massive shedding ways of chenille. So I made IOU offers to family members and will ship them out when I've figured it out.

Anyone know how to cut and sew chenille? Help me please.

All of the men (except my nephew) wanted the gray plaid. Can you believe no one wanted this incredible black plaid below? Well, I'll keep it because I think it's amazing!

* I am a true believer in getting people things that they want or are interested in for gifts. No one needs unwanted and unrelated things taking up space in their homes.


christina said...

Your patchwork scarf is so pretty!

I've never worked with chenille so I've got no tips to offer...

stacysews said...

On working with chenille - after you've cut your fabric, either serge or zigzag the edges (it'll keep you from finding chenille blobs around the house and makes cleanup a little better). Pattern markings are difficult to see on chenille - you'll probably need to use tailor tacks. Otherwise, I use a straight stitch to sew seams and hems. Hope that helps!

lsaspacey said...

Thanks Stacy!!