Monday, June 02, 2008

Mini-wardrobe challenge!

I am going to join Creative Reveries in a non-PatternReview-affiliated version of their Mini Wardrobe contest challenge. See her post to get the background and see what she will be getting into, but then you better come back here!

Luckily, this challenge fits in with my already-in-motion plan for the summer, but it gives me some outside blog-support. This is what I'm thinking if I do option 3: 1 bottom, 1 dress or jumper/overdress, and 2 tops (1 may be a jacket.)

  1. This dress: Finally, right?! I even have the belt buckle already, so let's get this thing started! Done.

  2. These pants: Comfy pajama-like pants, yeah!! However, the gorgeous fabric I bought with them in mind from the Jo-Ann clearance section turns out to have some Lycra in it and I'm now thinking that yummy lusciousness might be wasted on this simple pattern. The fabric looks A LOT like the fabric Cristina used for this skirt. What do you think?

  3. This top: Yes, again. Since I have to make a new muslin and then re-cut and sew this top, I think it can still count. Even if I use the same pieces (re-cut), I do have to sew it all over again, right?
Now the "rules" say I should have one more top and the projects that I already have fabric assigned are for shirts (two Built By Wendy's) so I could go with them or I could find another retro pattern to complete the group? What do you think?

Hmmm...other sewing...

I might look at some linen-blend for the pants and I could use the Lycra lusciousness for a pair of semi-fitted Bermuda-length shorts. I haven't owned shorts for at least four years.

I also bought all they had left of this fabric from the juvenile section (Butterfly Daisy
Garden) because I couldn't leave without it. Isn't it fabulous? I have about three yards, so a great full-skirted dress, a shift dress to show off the pattern, or skirt and top? I was thinking, maybe the naughty secretary skirt from my new S.E.W. book?

Oh, I just don't know. Help? Help!


Amy said...

I love that juvenile fabric - sometimes I see the cutest prints in that section!

zooza said...

I'm a bit late commenting, but if you want to achieve a whole mini-wardrobe, I would find another retro pattern for your final top. Whatever you do, though, I'm looking forward to seeing the results!