Friday, June 20, 2008

Wedding 08: Candles as reception decor

Goal: Use multitudes of candles in the reception area decor.

Task: Create a great look using multiple sizes of white, ivory, or blush candles.

First thoughts: The bride has already accumulated multiple sizes, shapes, and complementary colors of candles in order to create her desired atmosphere. Her method for displaying them is in the process of being created. These are other ways that I've seen candles being used to great effect. Using candles instead of floral centerpieces is one of the most affordable ways to decorate tables.

The mirrors allow more reflection and are extremely appealing at night weddings.

Candles in different containers elevated on several different levels.

Simple colored candles with coordinating satin ribbon trims.

The simplest of them all.

Picture Sources: danizerrenner, Mishka Designs (2), gfrog123, True_Queenie

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Annika said...

How sweet wedding decoration with wonderful candles!!