Sunday, June 01, 2008

WT Week 6: Accessories

I decided to handle accessories by writing about the pieces that I actually wear instead of tackling the large group of jewelry I've been hoarding for those "oh so special" occasions 'just around the corner.' What I actually have worn in the past six months:

  • Silver and moonstone ring (on pincushion) that I bought for $8 or $10 on my first trip to New Orleans in 1997?

  • One pair of silver hoops from a VERY cheap group of three varying sizes that I bought on a whim from Target for $5! Real silver? I doubt it. I bought these because I have lost one of every pair of earrings I have ever bought, resulting in wearing NO earrings for the last year. With my short haircut and the fact that I forget to reapply lipstick during the day, I think I need to start wearing them again for the femininity factor. Therefore, cheap earrings.

  • Red bead necklace from an Etsy seller. Luckily, I have never failed to wear this when it works with the outfit.

  • My Kryptonite-green pendant that I bought cheap from Forever 21, I think.

  • My chime bell necklace that I bought on my 1st trip to New York. It was purchased in a New Age shop on Christopher Street.
On occasion or on the weekends when I have time in the morning I might pick out and wear something a little more interesting such as these. I like that these are a bit unusual and stand out when I do wear them.

  • A rope of wooden beads a friend brought back from Liberia. I wear it with a knot in it like this for added interest instead of just one long strand.

  • A necklace with ruby colored beads and a two-stone drop. I can't remember where I got this from.

  • A braided cord necklace I got from New York & Co years ago. Unfortunately, the brown color is coming off the capiz-like discs.

  • Silver charm bracelet from the Limited (see a cheap trend developing?) which includes sewing scissors, a Vogue magazine, cats-eye glasses, a high heel shoe, handled mirror. I have no Macro lens on my camera so this is as good as it gets. Trust me, it's beautiful.

  • Hopefully you can see the detail of this necklace. They are little Milagros-like charms, horses/dogs, birds and little men. I wear this doubled up like you see and always get a compliment or two. It's very delicate and sometimes comes apart (I have little segments everywhere.) Therefore, I only wear it when I can keep track of the pieces if they fall off. No concerts or street fairs for this piece!
When I have time to think about my outfit, my earrings come from this group. The only ones missing from this photo are a set of rhinestone studs, also from New York & Co.

  • Here are two moonstone and silver earrings to go with my moonstone ring. They were bought in New Orleans at the same store as the ring. LOVE these.

  • Metallic bronze hanging "chandelier-type" earrings. Again, I wish you could see the detail, lovely.

  • Fabulous and fun painted enamel earrings with green Peridot drops.
Update: Lusting after some of these by Krista Peel to add to my collection. YUM! My stash and one still unworn Peridot and silver ring However, just like with my clothes, I still have more jewelry in my possession, waiting for what, I do not know. Just a few worth mentioning: Bracelets: A antique white enamel floral one that I really like but never think of wearing. A silver hinged one that was my moms. Jewelry sets: A topaz and gold set and a lavender and pink iridescent bridesmaid set that I actually picked out and the bride bought for us.

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drwende said...

Oh, these are so pretty!

You can wear all the things I think I can, but can't. There's definitely a sense of style in what works for you.