Friday, May 30, 2008

Take a cleansing breath...

Well, after getting this far with Wardrobe Therapy, I realize that I have far more clothes in my closet than I need or wear. I have so many "one day I might wear that" and "if A happens, I will need to wear B" outfits, it is ridiculous. Because, for years, A has not happened and B just sits around and mocks me. Or more correctly, A's have not been filling up my social calendar and those many, many B's are hanging in my closet taking up space.

I have lived on so little money for so many years that I think I am now scared to give away all of my "make-do" clothes (and furniture) for fear that I will ever be able to afford nicer replacements.

Yes, I know that may come off as sad and pathetic. However, if I were really o.k. with living on less (and with less) that would not be a problem, would it?

So, over this summer, I am really going to use the outbox concept of the original Cure and items like these are going to come out of my closest. I had been putting them to the side but it still makes my wardrobe look vast. I will now deal with just looking at the clothes that I deem wearable and that I actually wear. Everything else will go into the outbox (which I hope to hide this time) and await judgment at a later date.
Any thoughts?


zooza said...

I think that is a very good idea. And, besides, I suspect that however little money you have now or in the future, you will never be stuck for something to wear for an unexpected 'A' occasion because you would always be able to whip something up on the sewing machine using bargain fabric. Trust in your skills and creativity!

lsaspacey said...

Thanks, Zooza!

drwende said...

You are nowhere near "sad and pathetic." Nowhere.

I'm in pretty much the same spot, having made reasonably adequate "it'll do" choices that I now regard with loathing. I need to do a real purge to align the closet with my real tastes, but I don't want to do it while the husband is watching.

woodscolt said...

I am in the middle of this same process - having lived for the last two years in a flat with a really ENORMOUS wardrobe, we're now moving and I'm in a panic that we'll end up somewhere with no storage space at all!

My only advice would be - if you have a few really nice dressy things (for an evening do, a wedding etc), save them even if you haven't worn them recently - otherwise, if you do get invited somewhere dressy, finding an outift will be a nightmare!

My problem is that I have, like, three pairs of black trousers, or four denim skirts, all perfectly nice, but I end up almost always only wearing the 'nicest', so the rest are just taking up space!

Dawn said...

I saw your note on my blog about that vintage pattern. The number is Vogue 6183.

I have a lot of random clothing too that I never wear but that is taking up lots of space. This summer, like you, I am planning on de-clutter-fying my closet and keeping only the good stuff.