Thursday, May 15, 2008

As I lay my head down to sleep...

I have been tempted to make a quilt for years now and just can’t seem to find the time when two-hour shirt projects seem to take me FIVE (!) months to complete. When would I ever find the time and motivation to pieces together a quilt that I would be happy with? Then there is the fact that it could not be just any quilt, I would want it to have the look of one of these new modern country type quilts, you know like a Denyse Schmidt-type.

Well, as of a few days ago (via Decor8) I now know what the next quilt on my bed is going to look like. This one.

Just happens that this is 'cheater quilt'* fabric from none other than Ms. Schmidt herself, made into a quilt, and it will be available next month. Guess who will not be putting off this purchase? I will of course add my own touches to it, perhaps reverse appliqué some other prints onto it using the Alabama Stitch method, and embellish it with yarn tufting and some hand embroidery touches. That I think I can handle, especially since the embroidery could happen after it’s actually done and laying on my lap.


*Cheater's cloth is fabric printed with a finished quilt block design, made to look like a pieced or appliquéd quilt top. You add batting, sew it together, and you have a quilt or perhaps more correctly, a comforter that looks like a quilt.

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puglyfeet said...

Beautiful... Makes me want to learn how to sew.