Thursday, May 01, 2008

Shout-Out to LJ Designs

Over the years, I've come across this small pattern company, LJ Designs, by Lyla Messinger. She has some very simple designs, but lately I've been surprised with a few sophisticated and intriguing draped designs. They seem more body based than typical pattern-pieced design. Each pattern is multi-sized from XX - Small to XX - Large or 4 XL, allowing for alteration. The patterns are simple in concept; however, Lyla freely shares personalization techniques. She also designs and manufactures multi-color zippers that are meant to be seen.

Yes, the illustrations and especially the completed garments for some of these are deceptively unattractive (sorry Lyla!) and need updating, however, try to look at the possibilities and the shapes. Picture them in different fabrics and most definitely erase the shoulder pads from some of them!

Two that I want from her
Eclectic Treasures line; the Seaside T and the Milano gloves.

Makes me think of Elisa, how about you?

Sewn of wovens and not knitted, this is very welcome.

I like the patterns for these next listed designs, but not the pictures. Therefore, go to the site and look for yourself, with discerning eyes, at: the Chardonnay skirt, Margarita tank top, Venetian cape, the Vesper (sketched at top of post,) and the Triple T's.

Lyla really seems to know how to drape on the body. Since I don't see myself taking a true draping class anytime soon, one of these days I will attempt using her patterns, hopefully the Seaside T. If anyone out there has made a LJ Design pattern, will you please let me know?

The Seaside T also makes me think of this top worn by Kate Walsh in an issue of marie claire.

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