Saturday, May 17, 2008

Come to mamma!

I just finished doing an online Target survey for the chance of wining a $5,000 gift certificate.

I'm writing this to say that if I win I would have no qualms telling everyone about the great stuff I got from Target. When it comes to free stuff, I am no snob.

So here's to winning!


scb said...

Good luck. Free stuff is good. Very good.

scb said...

In fact, I could say free stuff is right on target.


hmm... is the word verification trying to tell me something? kbooax just could be construed as a comment on my punning...

puglyfeet said...

Can you share this link please???

lsaspacey said...

It was at the bottom of my last Target receipt so I've thrown it away. But it's been on all of them. I just decided to take them up on it this time.