Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Retro 1920s treat!

Available at Dressmaking Research I found this great poster of 100 dresses from the 1920s. Close-ups and back views of all the dresses (plus sewing lessons like the ones below) can be accessed from this page and the poster can be purchased here for $20.


Lookee here!
Draping with two straight edges, an instructional page explaining how to make this dress from Draping and Designing with Scissors and Cloth, a book published by the WIDAS (Thanks again, Mary Brooks Picken!) in 1924 and now available through Bramcost Publications at

Two more outfits illustrated and explained in the sewing lessons are below; the New Draped Vogue of 1926 and the Magic Dance Frock of 1928:

1926 1928

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