Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Aris Allen on the East Coast

Checking out a new blog today through Sew Retro, I discovered another company selling reproduction vintage shoe styles.

I'm a big fan of California's Re-Mix shoes but I just don't have the money for them now. This semi-local, east coast company, Aris Allen, sells their shoes at such affordable prices, ($40-$90) it unbelievable. The brand was created by a swing dancing couple in D.C. so it may be because they know if actual dancers buy their shoes they will definitely get return business because the shoes will wear out much faster than "civilian" shoes with that kind of constant use. Since these are created especially for swing dancing, that means they're made to be comfortable, right?* The shoes can be bought online at DanceStore.com.

The shoes I'm talking about are lovely. There are so many that I want and I just found out there is an Aris Allen Factory Outlet not too far away in Baltimore!

Peep-Toe Mary Jane, $89.95 (My faves!)
1930s Heeled Oxford, $64.95

Closed Back Wedge, $89.95

Nubuck RugCutter, $79.95

* I just found out through the website that their shoes are used on Dancing with the Stars so they are comfortable!


nancy said...

I own a pair of practice oxfords by Aris Allen, and I can attest to their comfort! They are really sweet. I haven't "dance tested" them yet, except for on the kitchen floor, but I feel sure I'll be able to swing all night in them! I definitely recommend these shoes.

nancy said...

p.s. I also meant to say thanks for mentioning my blog!

edot said...

I will say that re-mix does design a damn good looking shoe--and that alone is hard enough to find these days. But I just can't wear them: I'm too rough on my footwear, I guess, and re-mix just falls apart on me too fast. I have to stop looking at them because they're so tempting; they're just not for me. (And if you're looking for deals, they sell them on amazon for sort of awesome discounts sometimes--just sayin!)

Anonymous said...

I *need* those peep toe Mary Janes.

Also, Remix? They aren't that comfortable. Pretty, yes, but I've been disappointed on more than one occasion - the quality just isn't that great.

k said...

Mine isn't a sewing blog, but I like reading that sort of things. I linked to you, because the shoes are so cool. I hope you don't mind.

And I want those shoes.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS! At first glance, I thought the lovely red pair (your favorite and mine) were form Remix, until I saw the price.

Thanks, Lisa!

BarkingDogShoes said...

Wow, thanks for posting this info about Aris Allen. Really fun shoes, and you KNOW I'm all about comfort. Will look into...