Sunday, July 19, 2009

To Do List

You will notice, if you are a regular reader of this blog, that none of these things are new, but going along with this post, these are things I need to either finish or scrap to clear my mind for new projects and plans. To make clear, these things are on the on-going list, not things I ever expected to get done this month!!!

  • Finish hem on Anda dress
  • Refit red sundress
  • Finish yellow sheet muslin dress
  • Make these dresses for my nieces must be done by August 8
  • Finish OR scrap this previously cut out Isaac Mizrahi Vogue dress from years ago

Plans that can wait a bit:

  • Make this dress in this print
  • Purchase or make new belt for this dress, the one I made slides around too much
  • Make two "quick" slips from pink and blue poly fabric Sept 2009
  • Re-fashion a thrift shirt into something (no big hurry on this)
  • Possibly make something a shirt from some blue Denyse Schmidt fabric I bought three years ago or just let it rest for a bit longer until I'm motivated again.

Possible money makers:

  • Sell off length of navy blue wool crepe bought more than six years ago (Anyone interested?)
Nov 2009
  • Make or sell off beautiful upholstery fabric from many years ago
  • Finalize wrap skirt pattern for possible business plan

    RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

    Hi there
    I may be interested in the fabric. Can you post/send me photos?
    Thanks, Angela

    lsaspacey said...

    Will do!