Friday, October 26, 2012

VA/DC/MD Meet-up Information needed!

I still have no way of contacting by email the four women below. I would like to start communicating through emails to the group instead of these posts on the blog. So please email me (also see questions below) at metamorphpursuit(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Robin of A Little Sewing - need email
"Greytone" of Gotcha Covered - need email
Jamie of A Strange Girl - need email
"Merry-one" of Originally Styled - need email

Which Saturday?

A few people let me know which dates would not work for them, so I have narrowed down the options.

November 10 or 17

December 1 or 15

Could everyone please send me the following information:

  1. Your prefered date of the trip
  2. If you could drive some people if we set up carpools?
  3. If you need a ride to Rockville?
  4. Your zip code so I can see who could travel together.
  5. Preference for type of cuisine?
  6. If you have any dietary concerns I should plan for?
  7. Would you all like to participate in a pattern/fabric swap like all the other meet-ups?

Thanks! I am really getting excited to meet you all. This is going to be a blast. I'm calling G Street-Rockville on Monday!


Kyle said...

My preferred date is Nov 17 but so far the other dates would work.
Lisette from La Cubanita Cose will drive me. (I'm going to take the train from NJ!)
I don't eat sea food or anything too spicy.
I would be up for a fabric and/or pattern swap. I will only donate, not take!

Anna Camacho said...

Hi! I am not a blogger, but I am a seamstress in the DC and would love to come to your outing, if that's okay.

On November 10, G Street in Rockville is holding its "Fashion Sewing Club" meeting from 11am-12pm. Perhaps that could be part of the event? That date would be my preference.

lsaspacey said...

Anna! Of course you can come, just send me an email so I can get your contact information. The more the merrier!