Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Won A Giveaway!

Patternmaking by Dennic Chunman Lo
I can hardly believe it! I rarely win things and definitely not things that I really REALLY wanted. But this time, I did.

Thanks to the generous giveaway last month by Shams of Communing With Fabric, I won a fabulous copy of the above book, Patternmaking by Dennic Chunman Lo, the director of the Creative Pattern Cutting program at the London College of Fashion. He is also the designer of his own Lo and Cabon label.

The thing I love most about this book is that it provides a detailed step-by-step guide to creating the basic pattern blocks for a bodice, sleeve, skirt, dress, and pants along with information on how to create patterns above and beyond the rules, ex. the book's cover photo. This book looks at pattern making as it applies to the actual human body by giving written and photographic examples of  the body's range of motion and the considerations that must be drafted into a block to accommodate them. There are no complicated formulas to memorize and everything is created by using true body measurements. Although, the book uses a standard English size 12 in the examples all you need to do is replace those measurements with your own.

Patternmaking is part of the Portfolio Skills series of books for student designers (architecture, advertising, fashion, etc.) that are written by top professors at leading art and design schools. They are all published by Laurence King Publishing, Ltd.

For more information on his course, click on any of the links in this post. You will find more detailed reviews of the book on the Flossie Teacakes and Fashion Incubator blogs. In addition, you can also check out this video by Mr. Lo himself:

Pattern Cutting by Dennic Chunman Lo from Laurence King Publishing on Vimeo.


Gail said...

Awesome! Congratulations!

Audrey said...

Isn't this book great? I used it to solve a sticky pattern drafting problem not too long ago. I was excited to find out Dennis had youtube videos. Thanks for pointing that out.

Claire (aka Seemane) said...

I have the same book! Plus Dennic is a great tutor in person too - I've been on 2 of his short courses last year, they were both fab (9 weeks each course, 1 evening a week for 3 hours a time). I was not a little sad when the courses ended I wanted to keep learning more from him :)!

Juliet said...

Wow that's a great score! Fancy sharing some great tips as you make your way though it? I'm being cheeky :)

lsaspacey said...

Claire, that is so cool! Have you written about the classes on your blog? There is so much more fashion education available in London, it's amazing. You and those here in New York are so lucky! There is barely anything here in Richmond, to attend real drafting classes we have to travel over an hour away.

The Wardrobe Project said...

Congratulations!It's always awesome when you're winning something!