Thursday, January 31, 2008

A reprieve from expensive health insurance?

I found out last week that Anthem, my health insurer does have a plan with cheaper premiums.

They sent me information with a quote of how much I would pay for the different deductibles. Sounds great to me, the lowest possible premium would be around $180, almost half of what I pay now each month. Though they did say this plan, Essential Key Care was new, I hope I don't find out that it was available when I signed up in April, because no one offered me this option. If it was available it means I paid over $1,500 that I might not have had to pay. Not nice.

I thought I could just call and have them switch the plans for me.

No, no, I have to submit another application for this new plan so that I can be underwritten again. I asked to make sure that if for some reason I was denied for this new plan that I would still be able to keep my current plan (even if I don't like it that much.)

Unfortunately, when you apply you have to send in your first premium before finding out if accepted or rejected so for me this will be due in addition to my premium for my current plan. That means that this month I will be paying almost $600 for health insurance. I just know that if accepted, I better get that $389 back.

Update: Application was submitted 2/4/2008

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