Friday, March 13, 2009

Update: Positive

Well, I had my belly dance class on Tuesday and I loved it! I was worried that I was really rusty since I hadn't used some of those muscles for five years. But no, I was keeping up with the other girls who had taken it last session. Two days later and I'm still not sore so my muscles must be pretty good. I had so much energy the next day. So yeah, this exercise thing is really going to help me out.

I finally finished my taxes and I will be getting back a check for more money than I make in a month! Of course, I don't make that much in a month, but still..."it's a good thing," as Martha would say. This will also help me out immensely.

I have many projects on my plate right now, so I'm doing a little bit each night:
  • two stuffed animals for one newborn and one upcoming baby shower
  • a musical keyboard cover for a friend in exchange for some computer help
  • that Burdastyle Anda dress (just haven't had time to do anything past sewing up the side seams)
  • make a sash for that gray skirt (though I did take out that 2nd row of elastic that was making me feel thick in the waist)
  • other misc. mending jobs (hems, repair tears, replace buttons and other fasteners)
Let's just say, TGIF, TGIF!

Victoria Secret chandelier sandals I always associate with belly dancing. I so wish I had bought these years ago! (Now, I'd feel guilty having such an impractical pair of shoes.)

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Michelle said...

This is awesome! Glad your class went well. Love those shoes by the way, I want a pair :)