Monday, June 22, 2009

The Hopscotch Skirt - Simplicity 8126

From the moment I saw Simplicity 8126 over at Out of the Ashes I was excited. More so than for any lovely poofy 50's silhouetted gown. Probably because I could see myself actually wearing this skirt, that it could fit into my life easily. I also like how young and "flirty" it looked. For some reason it really makes me think of hopscotch, bike riding or some other outside activity I did as a kid.

As a long-time crafter I'm also a big fan of functional pockets in clothes and I could see the denim version of the skirt as a great work-outfit for crafting. So that's why a denim version was the first one I made.

I found a great Lycra-infused 6 oz. Sew Classic indigo denim at Jo Anns on sale. I followed the instruction to the T except for the pockets. Using the pattern's layout, the pockets ended up being too effected by the stretch in the denim and stretched out of shape. Eventually I'll cut another set out and put them on the skirt.

I love this skirt, I love how it doesn't even look like a typical wrap skirt. The center pleat fools you into thinking it's a regular skirt while the gathered back almost completely camouflages the wrap portion. (Especially if this was made in a floral pattern) And, about the "wrap factor?" Very good! There is basically a double layer of skirt there in the back so there is no lack of coverage. Also in a fabric with heft like this denim the lower layer sort of serves as a petticoat. I think this skirt would be quite fetching in a silk shantung or taffeta. Affordable yet lovely skirts for bridesmaids, perhaps?

The only (small) problems I had was with the pattern itself. The pattern is just four pieces and the two main portions of the skirt are fashioned so that their seam is visible through the center pleat. I'm not a fan of that but yes, it's a small quibble.

I hope to make quite a few of these. I already have a gorgeous purple linen ready for making another one of these, so I think I will change the pattern accordingly. This was an easy sew, the only time-consuming detail was the hand sewing of the hem.


Antoinette said...

Wow, so fantastic! It is a great style and very flattering on you! I can't wait to see other versions. Good going, Lisa!

Shannon said...

Ooo, I love that skirt! I would make up about 20 of these and where a different one everyday all summer long. I will be keeping an eye out for this pattern.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Ooooh, good eye for scooping up that pattern. It is so cute!

Stephanie said...

Oh wow, love this! I also really love the idea of making this up in a shantung. I think that might be perfect for my rehearsal dinner!

~S said...

That skirt is the Cutest!

jen said...

very cute - and it looks very comfortable too!