Thursday, April 22, 2010

I went to Jo-Anns...

and came home with 155 patterns.


No, I did NOT steal them from Jo-Anns but received them out of the back seat of a local reader's car! This lovely woman; Pat, contacted me a few weeks ago after I posted about my recent pattern splurge. She had lucked out on purchasing six boxes of patterns at a yard sale (all for $10!) and now desperately wanted the rest of them out of her house in order to declutter. We've all been there, right?

She had a feeling I might want them or would know what to do with them, so we arranged to meet at Jo-Ann's (tempting fate, right?) to do the exchange and talk sewing.

After I got home that night, I went through them pretty quickly to pick the ones that I wanted, at first sight. I was amazed at how many Vogue patterns there were (59!) and how many of these patterns were untouched; about 95%.

Right now, I'm just letting it all absorb in. Obviously, I don't want to keep all of them either. I found 15 that I want to keep (including one I'll write about later). So, there may be some give-aways or they may all end up in my little, forgotten Etsy shop, DragonFly. All I have done up to this point is sort them out according to pattern brand:
  • Burda = 10
  • Butterick = 18
  • McCalls = 21
  • Simplicity = 12
  • Style = 2
  • Vogue = 59!

They also range in age from mid-1970s to the late 1990's. Believe me, I will definitely post the scary ones from the 1980s. More pictures are available on Flickr and if you see anything you must have, just let me know.


Tasia said...

Oh, my, god! 155 FREE patterns, think of the possibilities... I will have to check out your photos to see your loot! Looking forward to seeing the scary 80's ones, too :)

Debi said...

WoW!!! That is so great...can't wait to see photos!

Julia said...

What fun to go through all those patterns!

alethia said...

WoW! What a loot!

jen said...

holy doodle, that is a lot of patterns!

when i've bought patterns in bulk (i.e. lots on ebay) i saved the ones i really like and also the ones i thought were just ok. funny though, b/c some of the ones i liked a lot i don't as much now, and the so-so ones are the patterns i want to make! (so i guess i'm saying maybe don't give them away too quickly, you might change your mind! although i understand the need to de-clutter.)

Kyle said...

holy cow!! what a gold mine!!

amélie /mydaruma said...

waou!!! You are really lucky. Why does this king of things NEVER happen to me.... Anyways enjoy! And now, i guess you better get to work...
Ps: first visit here. I'm glad to discover your blog!

Anonymous said...

How generous and fun! I love blog friends---they are the best!